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Annemarie Mead 

BA, MA (Psychology), Graduate Certificate in Career Development and member of the Career Development Association of NZ and the Human Resources Institute of NZ 

Annemarie has a Masters in Psychology and experience in career counselling, CV development and working with organisations on their human resource practices, including performance management, role descriptions and recruitment. She has a Graduate Certificate in Career Development and is a member of CDANZ and HRINZ. Annemarie is a qualified professional who works within a counselling framework using a client centred approach.

Your work together will result in identifying concrete steps and actions that will assist you achieve the career and lifestyle you want.

After she became a mother with two children she re-evaluated her career direction and goals. She completed a Graduate Certificate in Career Development and now is using her experiences and knowledge as a career counsellor.

What motivates her is to assist people to find work that they enjoy, are energised by and that fits into their overall life and responsibilities.

Annemarie views career planning in the wider context of family life looking at your career direction alongside the other roles in your life and how you want them to work together.

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