Interview Coaching

Annemarie can help you prepare for an interview and ensure that you present well.

Annemarie offers interview coaching sessions which can cover:

How to prepare for an interview and present yourself

How to approach answering interview questions

Examples of potential interview questions that you may be asked

How to customise your interview preparation for a specific job

How to develop case studies that demonstrate your skills and experience that you can draw
on when answering interview questions

Potential questions that you could ask at an interview

How to follow up after an interview

Role play of a practice interview based on the types of jobs you are applying for

The provision of constructive feedback on your practice interview

Having the opportunity to have a practice interview in a comfortable and supportive environment can help you overcome any fears or concerns you may have about the interview process. We can record the interview and watch it back to help you see and understand where you can improve your interview performance. This experience allows you to hear and see yourself in the same way as a potential employer. 

Contact Annemarie to make an appointment on (04) 586 1157 or 027 393 2709 or at Annemarie is based in Lower Hutt, Wellington.

Session and Pricing Information.

The interview coaching session can run up to 1 ½ hours. The cost is $95 per session, plus GST. The session fee covers our meeting time, my preparation of resources and phone and email support.

An invoice for payment will be sent to you following the session. Payment can be made by internet banking, cheque or cash. Payment is appreciated within seven days following receipt of the invoice. Everything we discuss in session is treated with the utmost confidentiality

Customer comment:

"I was a recent graduate when I met with Annemarie. I had an upcoming job interview but had absolutely no clue what to expect, or how to conduct myself in the interview, so I arranged a meeting where we could work on my interview skills. Annemarie was able to clearly guide me through a mock interview - she provided useful advice about how to best answer questions and gave valuable constructive criticism on each of my responses to the interview style questions. She was consistently positive and reassuring.”


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