Parents returning to work 


Annemarie’s speciality is working with parents to clarify their career goals, identify and overcome obstacles, and develop a plan to achieve their goals. Annemarie works with a variety of people but has a specific focus on working with parents who are re-evaluating their careers, or parents looking to re-enter the workforce perhaps in a different field.

She works with parents who are thinking about returning to the workforce and are re-evaluating their careers, and with working parents who want a more balanced work and family lifestyle.   

Annemarie views career planning in the wider context of family life looking at career direction alongside other responsibilities in your life and how you want them to work together. 

As part of her Masters, Annemarie completed a thesis on how working parents experience work and family conflict and what organisations can do to support them. She has experience being a stay at home mum, as a mother working part time, contracting working from home and owning her own business.

Annemarie is a mother of two children, a nine year old daughter and a five year old son.

Session and Pricing Information

The sessions normally run between 45 minutes to 1 ½ hours and are scheduled on a regular time agreed by us. The cost is $95 per session plus GST. The session fee covers our meeting time, my preparation of resources and phone and email support between sessions.

An invoice for payment will be sent to you following each session. Payment can be made by internet banking, cheque or cash. Payment is appreciated within seven days following receipt of the invoice. Everything we discuss in session is treated with the utmost confidentiality.

Contact me to make an appointment or on 586 1157 or 027 393 2709.

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